September 28, 2011

dye dress dye- resurrection of the dye

after twelves days without internet, it feels good to be back! apparently we had a bad filter...and now we have a new one! alright!

remember this dress? the one i soaked in a tub of bleach because sometimes i am dimwitted?  

well , i finally got around to dying it. since the thread was still the dark pink/salmon color, i decided to dye in petal pink by rit (that makes it sounds more official)

and i am so excited! it is all one color again! it has been so long.....

one odd side effect of bleaching, then dying, then dying again is that this dress is now about 4 inches longer. hahaha the bouncy jersey is less bouncy! i guess i will allow it since i put this dress through so much...i also sewed the neckline up a bit so i didn't feel like i was flashing everyone

oh, and see that belt? the one that looks too big for me? it is my husband's belt. everyone's always wearing their husband's clothes, so i figured hey...i like that belt. i am taking it momentarily. 
and actually...

it looks pretty darn good.

do any of you take borrow clothes from a significant other or loved one? because i think i am about to start....

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  1. i like that pink! and i should start borrowing clothes from my mr, now that i think about it he does have a couple warm sweaters that might look the right amount of slouchy cute... haha!


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