April 9, 2012

the 100 follower giveaway!

are you all ready for this?

this is serious guys. seriously. hahaha

just for you.....

a belt with a bow!
not just one bow either, but TWO bows!

it is made of 100% lightweight cotton with the strap measuring just under two inches wide

fits around your waist like a glove

there are three snaps on the back to make sure it fits just right

and you're all wrapped up like the present you are :)

you may be asking why this picture looks out of focus...that is because all of the focus is on my freckles. i cannot explain why. 

and there you go!

so what do you need to do to get this belt in your wardrobe?

1. follow this blog
all you have to do is click on join at the top of this screen, or join on the right sidebar. it's that easy!

2. leave me a comment below
tell me your favorite ice cream flavor

the giveaway ends on April 20, 2012 at midnight
you have two weeks!

hopefully this will start off your monday right :)


  1. Of course, I'm following you ;)

    I love mint chip and I married a man that hates it, which means more for me!!! Yeah!!!

  2. I follow you, and I love mint chip!

  3. I follow your blog and I have so many favorite ice cream flavors…but a few are mint chocolate chip, rocky road, and moose tracks!!!!!

  4. That is such a cute belt Nicole! But your beauty outshines it a little... :)

    My favorite ice cream is pistachio but only the kind of Rite Aid. There is just something about it that is better than all others haha

  5. Yep, I'm another mint chip person, when I eat icecream. That or Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. But lactose intolerance puts a bit of a damper on my icecream consumption.

  6. Not to be like almost everyone else here but my ALL TIME favorite Ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip. Its gotta be green though! :)

  7. What is with the mint chip people. I haven't been able to eat that flavor since an unfortunate incident when I was about 12.

    Best flavor ever is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. Half chocolate, half vanilla with brownies and cookie dough mixed in. Yeah. Amazing!

  8. yay followers!

    I like pretty much any kind of ice cream. Pistachio, mint chip, cookies & cream, chocolate, vanilla...

    Oh man, now I'm hungry.

  9. I LOVE your blog even more than I love soy vanilla "ice cream". I know. I'm probably the weirdest one commenting on here. But I promise, soy ice cream is actually pretty tasty!

  10. Probably....Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler

  11. Chocolate and vanilla swirl!

    This is totally my favorite sewing blog, I feel you should know.

  12. Ooooh so very pretty! My faveourite ice cream flavour... well simple answer would be strawberry. But I also love cookie dough!

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!!
    Becky - www.bluebellelovely.blogspot.com


  13. congrats on the followers!!! and my fave ice cream flavor is: frozen yogurt. lame, i know. ;)

  14. I live near a place in the Barossa, South Australia. One of our local legends is Maggie Beer, who is getting a reputation world wide for her gourmet food products. She makes an amazing ice-cream called Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel ice cream, which is delicious (and a special treat as it is mega expensive) http://www.maggiebeer.com.au/products/burnt-fig-honeycomb-and-caramel-ice-cream. You should try it if it ever reaches America's shores ;-)



  15. 100 followers is quite a milestone. : ) I hope you double them again before you know it.

    BlueBell Ice Cream is a brand based in my home state, Texas, that makes some super delicious ice cream. My favorite flavor is Peaches & Cream, with giant chunks of nearly frozen peach in it.


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