April 6, 2012

wedding dress finale

remember this wedding dress i was helping a friend refashion (here and here)? 
well, the time came and the dress was finished and not only do i have pictures of the dress in action- as promised- but i also have pictures of the original dress! ahhh! so let's look at this dress' life.... 

some time ago, this was my friend's mother-in-law's wedding dress. and can i just say i love it?! almost as much as i loooove her hair :)

so it hung in a closet for a couple of decades and one day resurfaced and was tried on by my friend.

we immediately started chopping it up

it was a little sad because it had such an awesome life but we both knew we were giving it a new life. and without a pattern, we have a bit of a challenge hahaha

but the day came, many years later, and the dress looked fantastic



love love love :)


  1. It's nice how you still kept some of the original elements (like the collar) and gave it a modern twist. It came out very nice, great work!


  2. Thanks so much for your help with this! It was so special to be able to wear the dress (my MIL's Mother made it for her) but also make it my own!

  3. It looked AMAZING on their big day! I'm so glad you have before and after pictures. It is and was a beautiful dress <3

  4. that's so cool! love it, seriously an awesome makeover. you're so talented! :) PS: i just wanted to let you know SO many people in our complex go to community center activities and they don't have kids yet either. in fact, our community center has "no kids allowed" activities even (like painting night or calligraphy class). take advantage while you can! we only went to like 20 activities when we could've been going all this time:(

  5. The couple is looking so beautiful. The photographs show that they surely enjoyed their day.
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