April 11, 2012

a vintage find

i found something.
that i like.

it came in a case. interesting, no? 
i love the polka dots and stripes and yellowing paper

i love when i find an old book with a personal message in it

and here is page 34, in case you were curious. i especially love the definition of success
"when the boss marries your daughter"

and you know why this book is better than any kindle, ipad, or tablet?

the smell of those old, amazing pages. you just can't replace it.

have you found anything interesting of late?


  1. So cool! I also love finding books with personal messages in them, it's so nostalgic & fun. Ps: thanks so much for your sweet comment about rubbish!! It's my fun little side project that I'm learning SO much from.

  2. This is adorable! I haven't found anything as cute lately...except a rusty garbage bin I'm gonna turn into a laundry hamper with a lick of paint...hopefully!




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