January 3, 2012

my resolutions to keep

yesterday, i realized something amazing.
well actually, my husband realized something amazing but then it sparked my mind.

last year, i had many resolutions. i can't even remember what they all were, but my husband reminded me that one of my resolutions was to stop watching rated R movies (side note: this is not for religious purposes as my church does not allow or disallow any certain rating of film (see?), i did it for personal reasons) and guess what?!

i did it!

and i didn't remember until yesterday when jason mentioned it!

so with that positive wind at my back, 
here are my resolutions to keep for 2012

1. go outside more. 
i tend to stay inside, especially because i study a lot, and in my free time enjoy sewing, but i live in such a beautiful place i feel like i should go out and appreciate it more

2. be kinder to those i love. 
oddly enough, i am very kind to strangers but sometimes less forgiving to my loved ones. so i'm gonna work on that. hahaha :)

3. the tried and true "i am going to go to the gym".
(i couldn't resist. it's wearing sweatband.)
 but i really just want to be healthier and more active. hence, gym at least once a week. at least.

4. read my scriptures every night. 
so far, not good. but i got all year to work on making this a permanent habit

5. be a better blogger. 
i have realized lately that i never take pictures of anything because i am a very private person, and honestly i have just never been one of those girls with a camera around her neck 24/7. i wish i was, but alas i am not. so i will try harder to post more tutorials, diys, and in general make my blog a better place for you to spend your time :)

so now my flaws are all out on the table and it's time for you to share a resolution!

what is a new year's resolution you have made?

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  1. My resolution this year is to just stay positive. There's so much negative energy out in the world and I'd really like to stop getting so frustrated and flustered at the little things that aren't worth my worry. If I can keep reminding myself to stay positive, I hope it will spread to the people around me as well. We need more positive energy in this crazy world that we live in!


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