January 5, 2012


in case you haven't noticed, the photography industry has become saturated with people who own a digital SLR. and some of these people are very talented it is true.

but for occasions like weddings, engagements, proposals, and large of events of that stream it is best to pay a little more for an actual photographer who really knows what he or she is doing.

and that's where my husband comes in. 

jason has a bachelors degree in photography, spending three years learning how to take the perfect photograph and honestly knows what he is doing.

 and when it comes to recording a big event, wouldn't you rather not worry about whether your photographer is actually doing what you want?

so if you know someone looking for a photographer or you need one yourself click here to visit his site at
you won't regret it!

yes this is a shameless plug for my husband's photography, but seriously i wish he could have shot mine his work is so great. so, i'm going to shamelessly plug away :)


  1. Have him come to Georgia and take pictures for me haha. And by the way, your wedding photographer was fantastic. Those shots in the laundromat were precious and perfect.

  2. Thank you!! As a fellow wife of a Brooks graduate, it is so frustrating seeing all these "photographers" getting jobs. It's true, a lot of them have great eyes and lots of natural ability, but being a professional photographer takes a lot more than that. Oh and JASON MESSICK IS A ROCKIN PHOTOGRAPHER EVERYONE! He shot our wedding and the photos are wonderful.


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!