December 31, 2011


while looking at the best parts of 2011 is fun, i also like looking at some of the not so great things that happened so i can grow from them in the upcoming year. so here it goes! bad news first!

-jobs are getting harder and harder to find in sb 

-our fish thor died

-haven't finished grad school applications

-got in a huge car accident

-bonding with my nephew jack

-continuing nomsters and making some money!

- polaroid adventures

- my little brother graduated

-i started this blog. HECK YA!

-went through the temple with my brother for his endowment

-finished all my grad school tests

- saw my brother off to the MTC to serve a two year mission in guadalajara, mexico

-got to be with my husband for another amazing and challenging year

and the positives always outweigh the negatives :) here's hoping 2012 will bring us better luck!

have any high or low lights you'd like to share from 2011?

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