December 30, 2011

farewell, dennis!

after leaving christmas day to drive to utah, i realized i had no internet. upon arriving in utah, i realized i had no wifi. nada. it was....difficult. i mean, no netflix?!?! how am i supposed to sleep without listening to how i met your mother?

on christmas eve, my brother was set apart as an elder for his mission. 

on christmas, we drove to vegas and the day after we drove the rest of the way to utah. we spent monday and tuesday with our precious little dennis.

and wednesday, we dropped him off at the missionary training center.

i miss him. 

on an entirely separate note, i went thrifting in utah, you see, it is impossible to thrift in santa barbara as most people just prefer to buy new or have their own personal antique dealer. 
while thrifting, i ventured into the sheets section to look for potentially cute fabric to use. and to my surprise, i found some mustard yellow polyester blend fabric for $1.50! SO CHEAP! 

so dear utah, 
even though you were freezing cold and made me hate being outside or really anywhere, thank you for being a good place to thrift. and treat my brother right over the next eight weeks while he's learning spanish.


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