December 23, 2011

professional wrapper

so...i'm not actually a professional wrapper. i can wrap a mean gift though. my new favorite gift wrap is kraft paper, and i wanted to share some awesome gift wrapping links with you today to make your gift stand out under your christmas tree

go green! wrapping paper- recycle whatever paper you already have, this website has tons of different ways to use newspaper, magazines, and even calendars.

speaking of eco-friendly wrapping,
diy gift bags are another option for a more delicate gift that can't be wrapped. now, you can save money and make your own bag!

miniature envelopes are another creative way to wrap a gift, especially gift cards. whenever i give gift cards, i always want to wrap it beautifully to show i put some work into it. and what better way than a hand crafted miniature envelope?

kraft paper is amazing. it is cheap, and easy to customize. it also looks super least i think so. this website has many different wrapping ideas and they are all adorable!

wrap with kraft paper

special envelopes are endearing. i love them. if you aren't giving a gift, or if you want to make a special card for a special someone, this is it! these customizable envelopes are sturdy so whoever you give it to will be able to keep it for a long time.
JCasaSMSProjectJan2010envelopes.jpg title=

so go wrap up those cute gifts! and let me know how it goes!

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