December 21, 2011

a handmade christmas

the great recession + overly expensive goods =
a handmade christmas

and if you are in a bind, here are ten quick gifts to finish of your christmas gift list!

braided headband (for women and children) so cute, and so easy. it's also a great way to use some of your scraps!

flower bib necklace (for women) this necklace is so classy and looks expensive. your giftee would never know you made it!

animal hats (for children) so, so cute. and a free pattern! this could also be made for teens/young adults

infinity scarf (for men, women, children) perfect for any shape, size, or gender, infinity scarves are perfect because it is FREEZING outside. and they are really cute.

braided scarf (for women and children) a slightly more sophisticated version of the infinity scarf, the braided scarf is simple yet refined. 

envelope clutch (for women) ok. this is one of those diy gifts that does not look diy at all. any woman would love to get this as an addition to their closet

bow belt (for women and children) while this does require some knowledge of the person's waist size, this gift is so cute. as in, if you have extra time while making your gifts (because how doesn't just have loads of free time during the holidays) you can go ahead and make me a few. i have been nice all year, i swear!
DIY: Bow Belt

bath fizzies (for men, women, and children) while the some of the ingredients may not be laying around the house (like essential oils or a pipette), this gifts is so easy to personalize it is worth it to buy some of the ingredients. have a coffee lover? make the fizzies smell like coffee! how about lemon? same thing! plus, who doesn't want to take a long, relaxing bath after the holidays?!

the 'rollie pollie' (for everyone) basically a bean bag filled with soft cotton stuffing, the rollie pollie is an awesome way to add seating to any room, but also a great way to relax. know someone that wants a lovesac? just make them a huge rollie pollie. they will thank you :) hahaha

and if you haven't found anything you like here, go on over to tipnut's diy gift list. there are tons of gift ideas and tutorials, just in time to finish up your gift list!

and with that, i wish you happy crafting! and i will see you friday when we talk about different ways to wrap these precious gifts!

by the way, what gifts are you making this holiday season?
i would love to know!


  1. I'm making some papercraft for my dad: a really detailed Delorean from Back to the Future, and a model of another car he likes.
    Links: (scroll down)

    For mom, I'm making a pair of papier maché bluebirds. She decorated the tree with birds this year, so I think she'll enjoy them.

    Hopefully I can find some more exciting things in time for my extended family... !

    Great post!


  2. All these designs look like a lot of fun, but I dont see any instructions on how to make any of them.


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