August 11, 2011

sweet like candy cane

remember this skirt? 
i made it.
here it is.

my stripes are a little more narrow, but hey it was two bucks. i can deal with it. the tutorial is found here and it is pretty simple to follow. i have only one tip:
careful about your stripes (or any other pattern)! if you want it the bottom to end in white, make sure you cut like two stripes down for hemming room

other than that, get on it people! whoever knew pink and red could be so cute together :) remember this sweater from here? i thought you would :)

now i get to go study for the gre some more. blahhh it is like my gre book can talk and it is telling me
'you have no idea what you are doing'
and you know what i have to say with that? i respond with this


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