August 13, 2011

harems of headbands

so, every now and then i do not feel like showering. especially if i do not need to leave the house. i mean, why shower? waste of water...
anyway, i needed some headbands and i refused to buy them when i have a drawer full of scraps. so everybody, let's pull our scraps out and get sewing!

you will need:
some sizable, stretchy scraps
sewing machine
a brain

1. measure around your head where a headband would normally go. for me, it was 21". that sounds really big. anyway, cut about two inches less than what you measured (so for me at 21", i cut 19")

2. cut a little chunk like this off for your connector piece

3. make the long and short piece into tubes and sew!

4. on the smaller piece, hem around the edges for a polished look. do not sew them closed though

5. push your little piece onto your longer band

6. take the two headband ends and sew them together. move your little connector piece over the seam and voila! beautiful!

7. if it does not fit as tight as you want, make it smaller by moving the connector and sewing the pieces together again.

you are soooo pretty now. and no one will ever know if your hair is greasy or stylish.....yes yes yes!
check back in tomorrow to see a CUTE skirt i kinda just made up :)
so stop on by and stay awhile.

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