August 15, 2011

playful pleating

i started with an entirely different idea for this skirt.
which make me feel like a designer since i just made this up.

i wanted it to be like this but it ended up like....well this. and i love it!

i feel so grown up....wanna feel like a grown up?
here we go!

you will need:
probably a yard? a yard and a half will do
3 snaps

1. take your fabric and start pleating.  flip the top of the fabric down about 1.5 inches behind the pleat. make your pleats as big or as little as you want. mine were about 2 inches

2. create pleats that fit to your waist measurement (I have a 26 inch waist and i cut a 27 inch piece) and then cut to desired length 
*you are gonna need an extra pleat or two for the back of the skirt, so be generous in your seam allowance for your waist, like two pleats worth*

3. sew a line about 1 inch below where the pleats stop, sewing your raw edge underneath it.

4. sew a second line 1 inch below the first

5. pin and sew your bottom hem

6. sew the ends of the skirt about 3/4 of the way up

7. at this point, you will notice that you have extra fabric to fold over in the back. this is good! get some snaps and hand stitch two snaps where the skirt fits comfortable on your waist and use one other snap on the other edge of your extra fabric like this

8. cut a 60 inch by 6 inch piece of fabric, fold in half and sew! then turn inside out and sew up the edges

9. wrap it about your waist and OH MY LANTA you are so cute. love love love.
so much movement!

now go make yourself one! i didn't know what i was doing and look how good it turned out!

how do you guys think the skirt turned out? and how was your weekend?
translation: tell me your life story.


  1. you're awesome! I've been making paperbag skirts and I've been meaning to make one out of suiting. I think I'm going to use your method, it looks so proper. What kind of material did you use? I really love it!

  2. Hello! Congratulations for your blog! I have discovered by chance and I am your number one fan!
    Now I can renew my wardrobe and my children!
    I love everything you do!

  3. I love the skirt, especially the closure is great. I have never seen something like this before - really geniuos idea!
    Thank you to share all this great ideas with us!


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