August 10, 2011

shrinkatize me cap'n!

i gave this sweater a new life, i am pretty proud of myself. it was actually kind of hard to sew this bad boy because it is so stretchy and i still do not wield enough power to dominate stretchy fabrics....anyone have any tips? 

i think my sewing machine just hates stretchy things.

1. pin your sides and sew

2. cut off the extra

it is amazing how taking an inch or two off of a sweater can make it look so fantastic. now, go find something baggy or saggy and stitch it in and you too, will be looking fabulous.

now you look more awesome. today is one of those days where i don't think i am really pumped. i mean, i kind of just want to say screw everything, i am dropping out of school and becoming this guy
and then my life will be awesome.
cowboy monkey?

if you could be any animal, what would you be?
(it can totally have an occupation cowboy money, engineering octopus, public speaker sparrow....)


  1. I'd be a sewing octopus. I'd love having eight hands to being doing lots of things at once!

  2. this looks awesome!! whenever i sew stretchy things i always stretch the fabric while im sewing so that then it stretches the stitches dont tear, or you could use a zigzag stitch which allows the stitch to stretch more with your fabric :) i hope this helps


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