June 30, 2015

keeping it in the family

i finished the dress, but have yet to post anything because i am in the middle of moving/starting a new job/moving away from my husband and dog for a month/decluttering.

so i have been a little busy, BUT my sister jamie over at gummy worm belly (i know, it's a funny name. that runs in the family too) has been crafting up a storm. while i use primarily fabric and thread, she is a needle and yarn lady.


oh ma gosh. it is so cute. a grandpa baby cardigan. head on over to her blog to check it out, plus get a peek inside of her crafty life. which is really green and cool and stuff. (i might also think it is extra cool because she is my older sister and i have always thought she is wayyy cooler than other people).

stay tuned for the rest of the dress. i SWEAR it will be up in the next two weeks.



oh and happy fourth this weekend :D


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you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!