June 22, 2015

darling dress: part one

remember those measurements i was taking? well, today i put them to the test! i made the bodice today, and i figured we could tackle that part first (since it is a little difficult detail-oriented).

so, off we go!

well, first off- max was way in to this fabric (he has good taste) so it took longer than expected to cut

1. with your fabric folded in half, use your measurements to cut your bodice (why didn't i take a picture of this? i don't know...i blame max.) a measurement i missed in the picture was the length of the overall bodice, which for me was 16" (don't forget seam allowance)

2.  take both of your bodice pieces, and make the sleeves. what i like to do is just lay my two bodice pieces down to show what the curve will be, and cut from there. that way, i know it will fit!

3. take a nap. oh wait, only if you are dog! unless you feel sleepy, then go ahead and take a nap. no judgment.

4. next, make the yoke for your collar, i wanted a simple crew neck-ish neckline, but you could do anything here. using your bodice piece, cut around the neckline and behind to make a little yoke

5. with pretty sides together, pin (one side at a time) the yoke to the bodice and sewwww

6. pin your sleeve tops together and sew

7. now this can be tricky so take your time. pin your sleeve into the armhole. make sure they line up together nicely. then sew!

8. wow, you're almost done! now pin the sides together and sew up the side and down the sleeve

9. after that, make a hem on both sleeves. remember to make sure they are equal BEFORE sewing. unlike me. who has one sleeve 4" and one sleeve 3.75". whatevz.

(sneaky side tip: the front of my machine comes off, so i take it off to do sleeves so i don't accidentally sew my sleeve shut (which i have done before. twice.))

10. pin down the yoke and SLOWLY sew around the neckline

11. voila! a bodice! now, at this point i wanted a break so it isn't completely finished (we still need darts and a slit down the back) but i figured this was a good stopping point.
( i know what you're thinking...what the heck is on her table? don't know, don't care :) )

good job! you are almost all the way to your darling dress! tune in for part two soon :)

oh and here is a picture of max for your viewing pleasure

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