October 10, 2011

miss bossypants- return of the pants

remember these pants? they were way too big for me. but i fixed them and now you can see that i have legs under that sea of fabric! (always a good thing...)

well those pants have a twin sister. in brown. so i repeated the same process as the other pants. no big deal.

just remember to.....

1. take in the sides. have a slight curve inward at the knee and go back out to create a flared effect

2. find that butt seam. (hahah butt seam!) gradually pin it away from the original seam from the waistband to the crotch. remember to gradually take the seam back to the original seam at the crotch also

3. take it in at the crotch. like butt seam, gradually pin away from the original seam and finish pinning just above the knee

4. hem the bottoms if necessary

5. you have a whole new set of trousers that show of your bootyliciousness!

did you know that after the song 'bootylicious' came out, it was actually put in the dictionary. no for reals, i looked it up. it is there.

that's my butt. it is glorious. and you want to know something cool about these pants? they fit well but i can still do all of the necessary, daily activities in them like

running away from disaster

doing yoga

being a ninja

you know, normal stuff

have a great monday lovely people!

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  1. So, I found your blog through C&C and can I just say that I love you! Not in a creepy, stalker way, but in an I think you're super awesome way! You are so funny and I love your thriftiness- it's something I'm trying to do better at. Also, I'm LDS too! Yay! You're awesome. I'll go away and stop weirding you out now :)


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