October 7, 2011

hey guys! its friday!

how glorious it is....the weekend is in sight!

i am being featured over at cotton and curls today (a blog i have been obsessed with since the beginning of time) so go check it out!

on the topic of giveaways
i like the whole idea of every fifty followers gets a giveaway
so, when we hit 100, we have another giveaway. 150, we have another. you get my drift. (until my blogs gets ginormous and we have to do it every 100 followers.....oh wait just kidding we are talking about my little blog hahaha)
and every time, the prize will be something bigger and better!
you guys i am so excited! ahhh!

my mother sent me a baby picture of myself. i want to show it to you so you can see my avante garde hair

WORK IT GIRL! hahaha

have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Just joined girl... hopefully you'll get to that 100 marker sooner than you think. Keep up the fabulous blogging!


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