October 17, 2011

how halloweeny

i know what you're thinking....halloween is like two weeks away?! why so early?! welll i want you to have enough time to find a too-big-for-you orange shirt somewhere. and i'm not gonna lie, orange is kind of a hard color to find....

this used to be my mother's shirt, i simply made it smaller by taking the sides and sleeves in. i could have ended it there, but i was feelin' daring so i tried to think of something fun

at first, i was excited to have a new top. then i looked at my pile of scraps and the debate
keep the scraps?
throw away the scraps?
make something out of the scraps?

ideas flew across my head: bows, flowers, necklace, pom poms, and the list went on. sometimes i can't really control what's going on in there....

i finally decided on ruffles. yes. i made the neck ruffle with the side scraps.

with non-matching thread, i

took the scraps and sewed them together to create a long rectangle

then, i folded my large scrap in half lengthwise to create a tube. then i did a loose, wide stitch to create the ruffle

next, i pinned the ruffle to the neckline. there is no need to turn the tube inside out because the knit won't ravel, and the ruffle hides the unfinished edge pretty well. it doesn't even look unfinished :)

i actually did all of this by hand, because i was scared of my sewing machine. hahaha this was a project i actually did months ago, so i didn't know how to make a ruffle on the sewing machine. everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

if you could find an orange shirt, this is perrrrfect for halloween! it reminds me of pumpkin spice...i feel like a little piece of fall walking around

do any of you dress halloween-y or christmas-y for the entire month before?

i do :)

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