October 19, 2011

giveaway pillow + fixing a white shirt

after a long wait (sorry madison!) i finally got the giveaway pillow out in the mail yesterday! and i think the winner is going to LOVE it! here are some pictures i snapped of it before i sent it off....


of course i realized i didn't have a 16x16 pillow form, so i just used a blanket

congrats again, madison!

 keep reminding your friends, families, pets, and strangers to become followers so we can have another giveaway :) only need about 25 more followers until the next one!

on another note
 a friend of mine recently asked if i wanted to have a white button up shirt of his to refashion. i asked why he didn't need it anymore because i know well-fitting white shirts are hard to come by. he confessed it was one of his favorite white button ups and it had snagged on the hanger and ripped!!!


but don't worry i'm here to save the day. after all, fixing rips is how i first starting sewing :)

so i did a small and close whipstitch over the damaged area and it ended up looking like this

mucho better right?

while fixing this rip, i was reminded of my freshman year in college when i had a friend (or really, a friend of a friend) who always ripped his buttons and clothes while skateboarding
i got sucked into doing all of his mending by walking into my dorm room one day and finding my room mate destroying one of those circular red needle cases like this
(minus the heart shape)

she had broken it in half with a screwdriver
i laughed really hard
(i still laugh....hahaha)
anyway, i just sewed his rips and tears pretty much on a weekly basis because it's hard to not get into skateboarding accidents when you are high or drunk
and since i go to ucsb, this is actually a pretty common occurrence

moral of the story:
if something is ripped, torn, or stained, and you love it, don't get rid of it. just fix it :) your clothes will love you for it! also, move the clear circle clockwise on a needle case until one falls out instead of smashing it

have a great wednesday!

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