July 30, 2011

envelope me

okay, remember the post about pillows awhile ago? well now we are going to make them. YES. (side note, i kinda changed the pillows i am doing....but we are still gonna make some cute pillows!) and envelope style pillowcases are so easy it is almost laughable.
i have tried using other tutorials to learn how to do it, but their math always leads me astray. so i am gonna make this super simple for everyone and just give you numbers. no calculating involve. that's my kind of math...

for one pillowcase you will need:
half a yard of fabric
coordinating thread
sewing machine

(you will want to make more than one though, so get lots of fabric)


1. cut a piece of fabric for your pillow form. here are the measurements for typical pillow sizes:
for an 18"x18" pillow form = cut a piece that is 19"x40"
for a 16"x16" pillow form = cut a piece that is 17"x36"
for a 14"x14" pillow form = cut a piece that is 15"x32"

* if you have a different size pillow form, the math is pretty simple. take the height and add 1", take the width and add 4"*

2. fold over the shorter sides twice, 1" at a time to look like this

3. pin it and sew near the inside of the fold

4. repeat to other side

5. fold your piece so that your two newly hemmed edges are on top of each other (it should start looking like a pillowcase now)

6. move the envelope edges to the center and make sure they overlap. measure your width (which should be a bit smaller than your pillow form so you have a tight fit) and measure your height so you know where to place the pins.

7. place pins on the top and bottom and sew

8. turn it inside and stuff your pillow inside

9. congratulations, you are an amazing person and your house looks great too.

go make some more! hahaha

next time, we will do the birdy pillow, which will just be an add-on to this post. kinda.

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