July 28, 2011

classy, classy bow ties

well hello everyone. i am going to teach you how to make bow ties for li' boys and grown men. yesssss

and off we go!
you will need
1/4 yard of fabric
some velcro
craft glue

1. measure an example for neck length and width. if an example is not available, measure around the person neck or even look it up online (from what i found, grown men are around 20" and little boys around 15"). the standard collar size (or neck width) would be 1" for a grown up and about .75" for a little boy.

2. cut a piece that works with your measurements, but make it about 1-2" longer than normal for room for the velcro (don't forget your seam allowance too!)

*for example, my little bow tie needed to be 13" long, i added 2 1/2" for velcro and 1/2" seam allowance, so i had a 16" band. the man bow tie needed to be 21", so i made my final band size 23".*

3. you can create the neck band two ways: A- sew a tube and turn it right side out using lots of patience OR B- you can glue it together. your choice :)

4. set the band aside to create the bow. here is a great tutorial on how to do it. don't attach the center tie on the bow, that will come later. remember, this is going right under a chin, so don't make it too big!

5. use the band to attach the bow to the band. i used glue, and it worked pretty well. remember to measure it to be in the center of the bow tie.

6. add some velcro! i had some sticky stuff, but if you have just normal velcro, just stitch through it to make it secure. 

7. voila! so flippin cute! ahhh!!!!!

8. with the extra fabric, make yourself a matching bow. sooo cute!

so is anyone out there as obsessed with bows as i am?! i almost want to just WEAR a bow tie.....hahaha

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