January 11, 2012

feel better, friends

that's right. you no longer have to pay like four bucks for a cute papyrus card because their designs are just so amazing and the other cheaper cards don't express your classy emotions well enough.

i feel ya.

it seems like a lot of my friends are getting injured or are becoming ill, and maybe that is a common occurrence in your life as well. if that is the case, boy have i got the card for you

i wanted to make a card that was cute and cheap- my two favorite things. so i did.

want to make some?

you will need
a blank card and envelope
some tacky glue
three band aids
and a pen


1. place a band aid a quarter of the way down on the card

2. place band aids like so, leaving a space between the second and third band aid with the help of the band aid scraps (don't throw those away yet!)

3. write 'feel better' or 'get well' or 'cucumber bananas' with one word on each little band aid piece

4. put some glue on the back of each band aid piece and place carefully

voila! take that overpriced papyrus cards! 

mine are just as cute and only cost about a penny! ha!

do any of you have cute cards you make? 
i need to build a stash.....

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