January 9, 2012

books and buntings, buntings and books

school is back!!!

which means i will be more stressed out, which means i will be sewing a lot more. which is both good and bad...(good for the sewing, bad because of the stress)

anyway, i have been getting my craft on lately outside of my own projects. i feel like a craft connoisseur. it's like "oh hey nicole could you help me craft something?" and i'm like "heck ya! i am confident in my crafting abilities!"

with that said, i helped my friend sarah make a huge bunting for her wedding. and by huge, i mean like thirty feet long. it is awesome. 

we got all of the fabric from the LA Fashion District, and most of it was only a buck a yard, and we ended up only needing less than a yard of all of them.

anyways, would you like to know how to make a pretty sturdy and beautiful bunting garland?

you will need
about a yard of each kind of fabric you'd like to use
some 3" ribbon
matching thread
fusible interfacing
ironing board

1. cut up all your triangles

2. lay out your ribbon across the ironing board

3. cut long, thin strands of interfacing enough to cover one side of the ribbon. iron away!

4. rip of the interfacing's plastic part and start laying down your triangles and ironing them on. you can usually do about four at a time depending on the ironing board

5. fold over the ribbon to cover the top of the triangles and pin down

6. sew!

sorry for the lack of pictures, i wanted to bust this thing out as fast as possible so it could be checked off the wedding to do list

and you're done! 
i haven't seen these in action yet, but when i do i'll let you guys know what they look like!

now, go make this monday great! 


  1. Hi Nicole! I just found your blog through Pinterest and I've been reading for a good hour now! I love your writing style and all the creative refashions you do. I'm totally adding you to my reader and I look forward to more posts :)

  2. I love your response, "heck ya! i am confident in my crafting abilities!" I hope to feel that way about sewing someday! Slowly but surely...

  3. I want to see that video of Jason on this blog ASAP. I demand.


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