August 1, 2011

long and lean

don't you hate it when you have a dress or skirt that is borderline too short? like, if you stand up straight you are good but if you bend or sit WHOA watch out! danger zone! 
so a friend of mine needed a little bit more length to a beautiful dress of hers and I was up to the challenge. what a great way to refashion something into a modest, sophisticated, and comfortable piece of clothing. 

you will need an imagination, and that is about it.

so if you see this dress, it is all about just looking at what you have. fortunately, this dress has a huge hem that can be let down, but if that is not the case for you, simply look at another place to get the fabric- the sleeves, the sides, or even a coordinating fabric and add a ruffle!

with this dress, i unpicked the top seam and ironed the dress to get rid of the lines.

i then re-ironed it where i wanted the new seam to be. i debated whether doing it by hand or by sewing machine because i have never worked with 100% silk, so i decided to do it by hand to be safe. it actually ended up not being that hard either.

from there, it is pretty simple. stitch a straight line and enjoy your much more comfortable piece of clothing. feel free to bend, sit, and even jump if your heart so desires! 

the pictures don't do the new 3" justice. i hope my friend enjoys her extra inches! and i hope this helped you fix something in your closet that just wasn't working for you :)

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