August 2, 2011

august rush

ok, so i am doing my pre-professional hours for teaching this fall. translation: i need 10 weeks of modest, comfortable, AND COLORFUL (i am not really in the business of colorful) clothes. so, i am rushing this august to not only get AMAZING scores on the GRE, finish a bunch of grad school stuff, but also create a new wardrobe that is classroom friendly. 
and i am also in need of skirts....cute skirts. because i have like the basic black one, and a patterned one, but i need to look super chic if i am running a nursery full of cute babies. so here are some of the inspirations for what i am going to make for you pretty soon!
and of course, there will be tutorials for everything :)

my inspirations/ things i am totally copying:

 this skirt

this skirt

this top

this skirt...maybe

this skirt in red

this top
sailor shorts!!

so sit down, stay awhile. because august is gonna be fun! and quite fashionable, if i do say so myself. 

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