May 4, 2012

cola cola swag

remember this tie i made for my brother dennis while he was in the MTC training to become a missionary?

i finally got a shot if it in action!

unfortunately, the only time i have a picture of him wearing it, he got into a bike accident

him vs. the pavement.

guess who won.

anyway, i am so pumped he is wearing it!

here is what he wrote me about it:

"you have my word that ill rock it with pride and of course go hard wearing my custom cola cola missionary swag"

from the mouths of babes, people.

now go enjoy your weekend! 
i have some crafty surprises for you soon!

oh and if you're bored, you can go check out this blog i run for my brother while he is on his mission. there are lots of fun pictures :)


  1. Love the tie you made for him! So sad that he got in a bike accident!



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