February 1, 2012

west elm inspired shower curtain

oh my gosh.
oh my gosh.

this project was SO MUCH FUN that i could hardly wait until wednesday to show you. when i finally finished i just couldn't handle it.

...i was squealing. no big deal.

so when i first saw this shower curtain from west elm i wanted it. sooo bad. 

it even went on sale and that made it a couple bucks cheaper, but i could not justify paying almost $40 for a shower curtain especially since my last shower curtain was plastic and on sale for $8.

.....so i made it. and i LOVE it.

i know you want one too.

soooo you need
2 1/2 yards of two different colored fabrics
coordinating thread
fusible interfacing (i used heat and bond)

1. cut you stripes. this is the hardest, most laborious part. you will need four grey stripes and three white stripes measure 73" long and 11.5" wide (that includes seam allowances)

2. sew your stripes together. again, this is laborious. there is a lot of fabric. but take a white and a grey stripe, pin them together, and sew with a .5" seam allowance. repeat until all of the stripes are sewn together 
note: if you are lucky enough to have a serger, i would use it for this part

3. cut off any excess fabric on the sides that didn't line up

4. fold under .25", then fold under again on the bottom of the curtain. pin and sew :)

5. do the same to both sides of the shower curtain, alternating thread between white and grey fabric

6. now for the top. what i did first was folded the fabric over twice on the top to see how long i wanted the top to be. it ended up being about 4.5". 

so on the wrong side of the fabric, iron on the fusible interfacing. tear off the plastic, fold over the fabric and iron the interfacing down

7. fold over one more time and pin. then sew

8. sew a stitch on the very top of the shower curtain to reinforce it

9. figure out how many holes for your shower hooks. i needed twelve. so divide how many you need by 72". keep in mind you need hooks very close to both ends. pin where you want to place your grommets

10. i used these grommets. they are great :) keep in mind that you will also need a hammer hahaha and start banging away!

11. go into your bathroom, take that old curtain down......


ahhhh! are you dying?! i am dying. i love it so much!

the big stripes are so bold, yet very understated. does that even make sense?

this basically made my week. so, go make one! it will be so much fun!

PS- random grad school update. two schools completely applied for and just waiting to hear back from. only one more application left. yes!

have a wonderful wednesday you winsome people!


  1. I freaking love it! Aaaah! I can't wait to come see it in person!

  2. It’s a great feeling knowing that you can create your own shower curtain, no? That’s what you can do when you use your creativity to your advantage. ;) Your work looks nice. I love the effect of the fabric touching the floor.

    Yon Vann

  3. Love it! What is the measurement from top to bottom on the finished product? I think this is exactly what I need right now in my master bath!!

  4. sooo, I am in love with some west elm myself, and want to attempt to sew these. however, yours came out looking a bit wrinkled compared to the west elm pic. Did you iron them out? do you think using a thicker fabric would have helped? i'm such a perfectionist i don't know if i could handle "ironing the kinks out" if you know what i mean?

    1. i am just SUPER lazy, so i didn't iron my fabric. but after a few hot showers, it looked exactly like the west elm shower curtain- the wrinkles definitely came out. i used a lightweight cotton so it wouldn't be too heavy. hope that helps!


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