February 8, 2012

i've gone a-bunting

we have had our run ins with buntings before here on cola cola island (remember this? and this?), so it should come as no surprise that i finally wanted one just for me. well not really for me, more like my husband for his birthday (which was awesome)

because it is felt, it is nice and sturdy. not all flippy floppy, which i liked.

have a special occasion that you need a bunting for? or just want to make one for fun?

well you will need

(ignore the pinking shears, you don't need them)
assorted colors of felt
a cutting mat (optional)
a rotary cutter (or scissors)
embroidery thread
a hole punch
a sewing machine with a cool stitch setting

let's hop to it!

1. take a piece of felt and cut it in half. use one half to make the size triangle you would like. 
it took me  a bit of snipping and trimming, but eventually you will get your perfect triangle!

2. now use your first triangle as a pattern for the rest. i could fit three triangles on one piece of felt, and i cut cut cut! you will need 14 triangles total for this bunting

3. i used pins to outline the letters i wanted to make. again, this is going to be different for everyone depending on if you want to use lower or upper case letters, or both. once you have pinned your letter outline, sew on a decorative stitch setting. try and pick a stitch that is thick so you can see the letters from afar
remember that perfection is NOT important. so if your p is looking weird, awesome. you made a new kind of p that no one else ever has before. good for you :)

4. with all of your letters sewn, bring out the hole punch and punch two holes on the top sides of each triangle

5. pull out your embroidery thread and basically just thread the letters onto the thread

6. leave about 1.5-2 feet extra one each side for hanging and knot the ends of the thread

7. hang it!

ahhh so cute :)

i want to make a mini one to put across my desk wall....note to self put that on my project list...

if you were to make a bunting, what message would you put on it?

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