January 18, 2012

when you think you are beaten, you are.

and i feel beaten.
you know those days when one too many bad things happens and you're just like dude.....i give up. fine. ruin my day. 
so sulking through facebook i found some old family photos

all of my siblings

ps- my mom made these costumes. we are monkeys. awesome much? pps- i'm the one covering my face

my mama and my daddy

do you like how my dad looks twelve?

just trying to remember the good stuff, even though all of this bad stuff is happening

and it kinda works

so sorry for the slump guys, i'm going to try to sew through the pain of physical therapy, among other things

now go have a great day :) 
you deserve it!


  1. You deserve a great day too...and when you have somebody that loves you all the crummy days can be over come...also...I made the monkey costumes and Dad and I got khaki uniform shirts, I put Zoo Keeper on the shirts and we took you guys out Trick-or-Treating in the wagon...good times good times :D

  2. It makes me sad that you're having a rough day! And now I feel guilty for making you watch my kid instead of doing something more enjoyable like sewing! We'll make it up to you. Soon.


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