January 13, 2012

mecca to the holy land

of fabric.

yes that's right, i am going to the LA fashion district. 
and it will be glorious.

i'll update you on my finds when i return!

what are some of your projects/activities for the weekend?


  1. Oh shnapppppp that looks like heaven! Next time take me please!!!!!! I am planning to write papers and do homework, see family and friends. When are you going to LA?

  2. take me with you! my projects for the weekend include volunteering for habitat for humanity, studying and then the rest of my time will be dedicated to crafting (which I seem to have been doing at increasing rates lately). This weekend it is couch pillows and turning and old yardstick into something that will go on my wall and hold me tread. love and miss you!


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!