December 7, 2011

my christmas looks like...

the ornament we got on our honeymoon at disneyland

the ornament i made out of glitter glue and masking tape

jason's pwesents :)

my unfocused kitten and yarn ornament hahaha

and the best smelling candle ever! i love salt city candles

now that i am done with finals and this last quarter of school, i FINALLY have time to craft and more importantly clean. so while i am jamming out to brittany spears and scrubbing my bathroom down, can you guess what upcoming craft we are going to make with these pieces of fabric?
guess guess guess!
and have a great day!


  1. Tree Skirt? Though a plaid jumper would also look amazing on you.

  2. Like Elissa, I'm guessing a tree skirt? And, the honeymoon ornament is so cute!


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