December 13, 2011

annie verse air ee

i have been waiting so long to write my anniversary blog post. every blog i read always has an extremely long, amazing, descriptive texts on their anniversaries and husbands accompanied by tons of cute iphone picz.

ya, i didn't do any of that....sorry guys. in fact, the concussion is still making me forget stuff so i will give you all our anniversary in a nutshell. because i didn't take any cute pictures, i am not writing three paragraphs about my husband, and i'm not feeling descriptive. oh, and i added wedding pictures just for fun :)

we turned off the lights and turned on the christmas tree lights

we opened one christmas each early

we drank and toasted with martinellis

we watched how i met your mother

we cuddled

and that is how the messicks spent their second wedding anniversary.

charming, no?

i love my jason. 
and i am so glad no one realized how amazing he was before i did. because then i took him. 

and lucky, lucky me, 
i get to keep him forever

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