October 26, 2011

a white top wardrobe

as a teenager, i used to make fun of my mom for having mostly white shirts. and she wore white shirts all of the time; not the same type mind you, but all different types of white shirts. scoop necks, crew necks, v-necks, embroidered tops, peasant tops, and all of them were white. as a teenager, i mocked her for her abundance of white shirts

i looked through my drawer the other day....and i have mostly white shirts. and no two are the same! and now i am adding this glorious, glorious top to the my white top wardrobe....

when i pulled this top out of the donated pile of goodies, i saw potential IMMEDIATELY. so it had some flaws: too big, some see-through parts, too low of a neckline, and for some reason i can't pull of elastic bottom shirts. i don't have enough of a curve to make it look cool. so i set out to make this top my new favorite white top

and i did!

here is how i did it

1- cut off the elastic casing on the bottom and on the sleeves. it allows for a better overall flow with the fabric

2- see this low neckline? sew it straight up with a whipstitch until it is at a point where you feel comfortable

3- turn i inside. remember when we lined this top? we are going to use the same method on this one! find some matching fabric scraps and place it over the area you want to cover. pin and sew (i sewed it by hand, it was easier)

4- take in the arm holes. mine were just too big, so i pinned like this

and sewed it right up!


gotta love my weird bangs cowlick....and no more see through action!

it looks like a totally different top! oh, and did i mention it is super duper comfortable?

so comfortable after i finished sewing, i went to lay down in bed for a little bit and fell asleep with it on. oh yes, this is a day to night transition top for sure.

have you ever bought/received a piece of clothing that looked not so good, but you saw the potential and made it fabulous? tell me about it! even better, send me a picture or link it below!

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