October 2, 2011

feeling lace-y

hey, don't forget the giveaway winner is posted here

i really like lace. seriously, adding a piece of lace to anything suddenly makes it ten times more feminine.  hence, my love of this headband

however, i do not like pink. and it is 17 smackeroos. srrrsly? no way. i'll just take some scrap lace make a better one. that is also way cheaper :)

this is so easy, you guys. so easy. no sewing machine needed even. all you need is
a piece of lace
matching thread

1. fold the ends over and sew a wide stitch. pull the thread tight to ruche the thread and make a knot

 2. take a piece of embroidery floss (all six strands) and tie a knot. then stitch from one side to the other, and take the excess length and make a knot at the end

3. repeat on the other side

4. tie. you're done :) 
and you know what is great about this headband? it is feminine, cute, and pulls the hair away from the face and makes it easier to do...just about everything it seems

can i just tell you a quick story about that little brown mole on my lip? you know, the one on the left side right there in the picture?

well, it has been there my whole life. and it is a mole. however, when i am in public and eating chocolate or any other brown food (aka brownies) everyone around me feels a need to inform me of the chocolate stuck to my lip

i have no problem with someone saying "hey, you have chocolate on your lip right there," because that is nice. but this is usually how the conversation goes:

person: you have chocolate on your lip right there
me: oh, thanks but it is actually a mole
(it should end here)
person: no, really there is chocolate on your lip
me: no really, it is a mole. see?
then i have to rub my mole at some stranger
some people have even repeated saying that there is something on my lip until i use spit to try and rub it off.
does this happen to anyone else? because i feel like this cannot be just me...hahaha

anyway, go find a scrap or piece of lace and push that hair back from that pretty face of yours :)

have a great monday!

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