February 27, 2012

the 70's never ended...

at least not in my wardrobe
i have owned this shirt since the beginning of high school. i had a thing for three inch lapels in high school
it has made for some awkward photos to say the least

and since i love this shirt so much, i decided it was maybe time to take the lapels. i mean....they almost reached my shoulders

so pull out those too big lapels and let's fix 'em up real quick. all you need is
a seam ripper
matching thread
a needle

lay out your shirt nad measure 1.5" out. start ripping the seams from there to the tip

rip the seam upwards until it matches the width of the rest of the collar and stuff the extra lapel fabric inside of the collar
and pin

using your dextrous fingers, start hand sewing the lapel back up, trying to keep your stitches similar in length as the rest of the stitches

and....you're done. the seventies is still lives in the fact that this shirt is 100% polyester (haters gonna hate, i love polyester)

but now you don't have to look down and see that your lapel is getting friendly with the end of your shoulder

have you ever made a really small change to something and it just made all the difference?
do tell

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  1. it's nice to see someone else has tried this and it worked. I've got some cotton button ups that I've been thinking of giving a peter pan colar. I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out as well as yours!


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