October 31, 2011

feeling stripey

first and foremost,
candy candy candy!
i am eating Boo Berry for breakfast!
which is probably the worst cereal for you, but i don't care
i'll let you know tomorrow if anything happens....anything ghoulish or amazing :)

so, i have been eating kit kats lately (i am eating one as i type) because they make my crazy busy life seem easier. or at least sweeter. but what i have noticed is that halfway through studying my kit kat is half gone. and i always get really, really sad. and i turn to my jason and say
"jason, i am sad because my kit kat is already half gone"
and being very philosophical he replies
"you must be a kit kat half gone kind of a person"

but is there any other kind of person?! 
i mean with water, if it is half empty, who cares? just go fill it up in the sink. but a kit kat...i mean...that is precious. it should be cherished, stick by stick.

alas....my kit kats are all gone now. so i will sew
(super random tangent: my one pet peeve about sewing is that i cannot eat chocolate at the same time because i will get it all over whatever i am sewing. come on, that makes sense right?)

ok, enough of the chocolate craziness, and on to the refashion!

this beaut came from my good ol' buddy sarah and oh my goodness when i saw it i was so excited! grey! yes! 
slight problem: too big for me

my solution: take it down a notch

so i did

amazing what taking an inch off of each side can do...

i am wearing this. everyday if i can get away with it.

the stripes will distract them right?

am i the only stripes fan or are you guys lovers of this pattern as well? 
do tell!

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