October 27, 2011

cowl me anytime

i have always thought that cowl neck tops are for adults.
and then i realized i am an adult.

   i always hate when i realize that.....

anyway, when my amazing friend sarah gave me this top, i was like okay, let's act like an adult now!

and while this is definitely cute (oh my gosh you goys, it feels like a snuggy. so flippin soft) i needed to make it more me/make it fit better

and i think i succeeded

alrighty here we go. you will need

a knit top you want to change
two large buttons

1. i removed the elastic-y bottom with a seam allowance on top. i then cut it a little shorter so it would hit me at the hip and not past my bum (ha, bum!) now, keep those scraps we are gonna need them

2. with the shirt right side out, pin the elastic-y bottom to the outside. remember to pin below the original seam so it doesn't show


3. (optional) take in the sides :)

so now it fits. yay!!! but i can only adventure so much in my wardrobe and i have never really been able to pull off hardware on my clothing. these two washers are the culprits

so....i had to cover them. here is where those scraps come in!

4. get two buttons larger than the area you need to cover

5. place the scrap underneath and cut a circle around each button

6. hand sew an asterisk-shape across the back of the button (sew one side to the opposite side and continue)  until the the entire front is covered and taut

7. sew these buttons over the intended area by going around the area (in my case, a washer) and oh my lanta.....

look at you :) (or me, really)

you covered the hardware with chic, matching buttons. yay!

not gonna lie, i was totally winging this. i had never covered buttons before, and i pretty much had no idea how i would fix this top. and that is why i have confidence in all of you! because i have no idea what i'm doing, and look how good that turned out :) hahaha


  1. You are adorable! And it turned out amazing. I love your idea of covering buttons to then cover the hardware. Its such a cute shirt now!!!

  2. OMG!!! That looks amazing! Cozy, cozy, cozy!!!


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