October 12, 2011

better than goodwill

a friend of mine (SARAH) went through her closet awhile back and was thinking of getting rid of some of her clothes. naturally, she thought of giving them to goodwill. which would have been nice
but then SARAH had an amazing little lightbulb appear over her head that said
"oh hey, i should give these to nicole because likes refashioning and stuff"

which i so do

being of kind heart and ginger hair, SARAH bestowed many a beautiful item of clothing upon me. basically, i am so excited i want to pee my pants
but out of force of habit, i won't

so when SARAH told me about the bestowing of lovely clothing, i told her she could have a blog post all to herself, with her name said at least five times.

(said similar to tarzan's jungle call)

that makes it five.
oh, and this proves i am better than goodwill. talk about a self-esteem booster!

so be looking for some upcoming refashions. because i got the goods

oh on another note, one of the kids i work with turned to me the other day and said i looked like a girl off of a tv show

immediately i thought "oh my gosh, this kid must have seen zooey deschanel's new tv show! oh my gosh best compliment ever!"

he then turned to me and said, "you look like the girl on dragon ball z"


so much for zooey deschanel...but hey

new refashion clothes and looking like an anime character...
i'll take it :)

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